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Style Doctors Personal Stylists Internship

When you think of the perfect internship, what comes to mind? Flexibility? Creative Freedom? Great boss? Hands on fashion experience? How about working with major brands and learning how to use social media to make a lucrative business? If any of these sounds like what you are looking for in an internship, the Style Doctors Personal Stylists internship program is the perfect fit for you.

As a former intern for Style Doctors, I know for experience that the program that Style Doctor’s offers not only a unique hands on experience, it equips you with knowledge and tools that can be used in multiple areas of life. Elin (our super amazing and stylish boss) cares about the development of each her interns, she does an excellent job at teaching you new skills while also allowing you the opportunity to be creatively free. From the beginning you will feel like a vital part of the organization and that is such a rewarding experience.

Because of the uniqueness of the internship, it does require a special person to fulfil the the role. You have to be a go-getter and a self starter, someone who is able to take the lead on projects and accomplish tasks on your own. You need to have a true passion for not only fashion but the business of fashion as well. The more you’re willing to learn, the more rewarding this internship will be. There are opportunities to style and pull looks but there are also opportunities for social media/marketing, blogging, and event planning.

Imani // Previous Style Doctors Intern

I loved my internship experience with Style Doctors! From the first meeting I was asked what I hoped to gain from my internship. Elin emphasized her want for the other interns and me to get the most from our experience and she did her best to tailor our work to meet our individual career goals.

During my time working with Style Doctors, they happened to be developing some social media ideas and I got to help plan and film styling tutorials for the YouTube page. The other interns and I brainstormed the concepts for each of the videos and got to pull the looks for each clip. I felt like my opinions and ideas were valued and that can be rare as an intern.

That’s what made my internship experience so valuable. I truly felt like a member of a team.

Peyton, Brittney and Imani

Peyton // Previous Style Doctors Intern

My overall experience with style doctors was absolutely amazing! As a student in America it was great to be so welcomed into a U.K. Based company and get to be so hands on and work right under the founder and learn directly from her. Getting to be apart of everything from styling sessions to the behind the scenes of building their online presence more I learned so much about what it  t to be a successful business.

I have so much more respect for companies like this within the fashion industry trying to build a name for themselves and I can’t wait to continue to watch them grow!

If you encompass these traits, we want to hear from you. Style Doctors is currently hiring interns to join our 2018 program in the USA. If you think you have what it take to join one of the fastest growing styling companies, send your CV to

We can’t wait to meet you!

by Brittney

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