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Choosing the Right Colors for Your Personailty

If you look to us for style tips regularly, you know that we love to encourage clients to wear colors that make them feel good. Color adds vibrancy and personality to an outfit and makes both men and women feel confident. Although you should wear any color you desire, there are certain colors that work better than others. If you haven’t found your signature color, we have a few tips for finding the right colors for you, and it’s more about your personality rather than a now somewhat outdated method of deciding what colors suit you.

Which personality type are you?

Rather than call you a winter, spring or summer, at Style Doctors we adapt a more modern method of deciding on your colors and it’s all about YOU! That’s right, color is a very personal thing and so is your style. Do you want to be someone that everyone looks at when you enter a room? Do you want to be that person who always looks polished? Do you want to be that person who everyone gravitates towards?

The colors we wear have a profound effect on our moods, our outlook and the way other people treat us. Have you ever received a compliment when wearing a certain color? Do you feel sexier in some colours than others? Colors have a close connection to emotions and that’s why it’s important to understand your style personality.

Classic & Understated

Personality: Someome that doesn’t draw too much attention to themselves, they like to look presentable and approachable, they like to appear timeless, they don’t follow trends and focus more on style.

Color Palette: You never want to be wearing more than 3 or 4 different colors in one outfit.  Avoid vibrant pops of color, tones of the same family would work well on you. You could be classic and wear earthy tones such as khaki green, sand and olive or you could wear whites, blush, creams. Black and navy also play a big part in a classic closet.

Vibrant & Adventurous

Personality: Someone that likes to be noticed and has a personality to match. They like to express their style by using prints and color. They follow fashion but can also be style leaders.

Color Palette: From acid brights to coral blues, this person isn’t afraid to use color.

The Chameleon

Personality: Someone that likes a bit of everything depending on how they feel. Many people fall into this category, however you still need to have cohesion in your closet and need to find a set of colors that works for you. This person often wants to ‘dress for the occasion’ and buys clothes depending on their mood.

Color Palette: This can have a mix of classic shades and brights. The difficulty can come when trying to marry different colour palettes.

We could write for ever about style personalities and the power of color but ultimately is comes down to two things; Does the color make you feel good? Does the item of clothing suit you?

If you go shopping and focus too much on your colors rather than the item itself, you’ll often come away empty handed. Don’t forget that colors look very different when they are worn versus what they look like in the store.

Finding the Perfect Red

We’ve chosen red as it’s a color that’s loved and loathed in equal measures. Red, the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, joy, strength (the list goes on).

Finding the right red is all about identifying your color personality. If you want to stand out, a pillar-box red offset against a vibrant cobalt blue could work for you. If you’re classic, you may want to team a claret red with a navy. If you’re a chameleon, you might want to team-up a more muted red with denim.

Feature Image | Above Image | SET leather jacket | Nicholas blouse | Sergio Rossi pumps | Kate Spade flats | Topshop jeans | Chloe wallet bag | Gucci sunglasses | J.W. Anderson ring | H&M dress

Forget the rules about ‘redheads can’t wear reds’ or ‘blue and green should never be seen’, color is all about how YOU wear it! A great way to think about color is 1) Will it work with the rest of my closet 2) Can I wear this regularly 3) Does it suit me (obvious but true!)

There’s more…

These are just a few pointers for those who aren’t sure how to experiment with color. In the end, confidence is key. Style Doctors is here to help with our expert-led sessions on how to find the right colors for your skin tone. Schedule an appointment with one of our stylists for an online color consultation. During our sessions, we can go more in-depth on how to add color successfully into your wardrobe to achieve the look you want while bringing out your best features.

by Nicole

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