Total Style Makeover For Women

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This is the ultimate style experience, combining the Home Visit and Half Day Shopping and lasts the entire day. This is the best way to get the most use out of your wardrobe, and when our stylist leaves, you’ll be happy and confident wearing 100% of your wardrobe (as opposed to 10%.)

This package is perfect if you want to make the most of what you already have in your wardrobe, as well as updating it and completing it with some new items.

The session at your home will start with a style and color consultation where your Style Doctor will discuss shapes and styles that work for you. The wardrobe edit’s purpose it to utilize your wardrobe and to create as many fantastic outfits as possible. The stylist will put together anywhere between 30-100 outfits using the clothes you already own. Fully accessorized, the stylist will then take pictures of your outfits as a reminder of all the looks. You may not think that you have that many clothes, but you’ll be surprised how many outfits your stylist will put together using what you have. Their expert eye will be able to show you how to make the most of each item, as well as how to accessorize appropriately.

As the two of your are going through the wardrobe, the stylist will make a note of the items that are missing. These will make up the shopping list for the afternoon session, including anything you’re specifically looking to find.

There is no set time on the at-home session. It depends on the size of your wardrobe, and afterwards lunch will be provided for you at your shopping destination.

You will then be taken on a personal shopping trip to locate the items that you and the stylist have agreed upon after looking through your wardrobe. As the stylist will know exactly where to locate every item on your list the shopping trip stays as relaxed and fun as the rest of the day.

As you’re shopping you’ll learn which shops are best for you, which shapes are best for you, how to mix and match and how to create successful outfits. The shopping experience is much more than an accompanied shopping trip. You’ll come away from the afternoon session with a clear view of how the new items will work with your existing wardrobe and how to shop again.

The aim of the day is to understand you, your lifestyle and to get you feeling great. You’ll be left with a wardrobe that you’re happy with, knowing that everything you have makes you feel great about yourself.



Total Style Makeover For Women

What’s included?

• An uncluttered capsule wardrobe

• Tips on how to dress for your shape, lifestyle and budget

• An in depth style report – saving you time whilst getting dressed

• Images of yourself in your new outfits (taken during the wardrobe session)

• Color advice

• Shape and trend advice

• Outfit ideas

• Lunch

• This package lasts from 9.45am-5pm

1 review for Total Style Makeover For Women

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Friday was enjoyable, but more importantly, it was worth every penny in regards to acquiring an understanding of, and interest in, my clothes. For the past two days I have worn the clothes that I bought, alongside existing clothes and the difference in how I feel is amazing. The gold necklace that horrified me in Accessorise looks fantastic and I am already looking forward to building up my accessories.

    It’s hard to define what Elin did; it’s far more than simply buying a well-tailored black jacket and necklace, her advice on how to make tiny modifications to the way I wear clothes and how to put them together is transformational. I now join the very, very long line of people who have said, “I wish I had done this sooner.” The value is not the investment in new clothes, but the understanding and demonstration of how easy it is to turn a mediocre outfit into something that looks great and how, with a few small changes, you can resurrect existing clothes so they look fresh. That I know I can do this every day is really exciting. I can’t wait to go shopping with my new knowledge.

    Another very valuable aspect is the long-term impact this day will have on your self-esteem. Looking in the mirror and feeling OK about what you look like with an internal reassurance of, ‘no-one really notices what you wear anyway,’ is not the same as leaving the house thinking, ‘God I look good.’ When those words are the last thing you think as you turn away from the mirror it is pretty empowering.

    So thank you very much Elin; you were on it all day, there was no fluff, you were professional and focussed and you nailed it. This type of service should be invested in throughout a woman’s life from teenager onwards. I really believe it is that valuable.

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