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Hiring a Personal Shopper in NYC

A wardrobe filled with the right clothes and the right attitude. Each garment fits as if it was designed for your body. A capsule wardrobe of mere perfection with just the correct amount of sophistication, sexiness, and sleekness. Now, this sounds like a dream. Hiring a personal shopper in NYC can make this dream a reality.

In New York City, you want to look posh and put together while expressing your personal style inside and out. Whether you are a seasoned fashionista or still trying to deem a style for yourself, a personal shopper can coax your style out or spice up what you already have.

What is a Personal Shopper?

A personal shopper is almost like a fairy godmother. They may not wave a magic wand, but they’ll shop with you to find pieces that complement your body. They do it efficiently, helping you get the most for your money, while the day remains stress-free. To many people, this is a work of miracles. Personal shoppers, or personal stylists, curate outfits to make you look good and feel good.

Stylists can shop with you in-person or online and pick out clothing that meets your needs in order to dress you appropriately. Often, you may come to a personal shopper with a fashion goal in mind and she will help you reach it.

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Why should I hire one?

Hiring a personal shopper in NYC can be intimidating at first. But hiring a personal shopper does not mean you lack style. A person may hire a Style Doctor to create a new look for his or her wardrobe or for a special occasion. The reasons to hire a personal shopper derives from what you are personally looking for.

A personal stylist takes into account your body shape, hair color, complexion, and budget along with other factors to find you the perfect outfit. With this in mind, she can look for patterns, colors, and cuts that enhance your body.

Your Style Doctor is your liaison between clothes and style. She craves to curate a wardrobe that fits you. The key to a personal shopper is to find one that makes you feel beautiful inside and out. Maintain your own personal style, but don’t be afraid to try something new.

Meet up with a personal shopping in NYC in person or online. If you are unsure of working with a personal shopper, ask our friendly stylists for advice. Book an appointment with a personal stylist and try out one of our styling packages.

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      – Molly, Stylist at Style Doctors

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