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Back to School Style for Teens

For teens and college students everywhere, The Back to School season is the equivalent of Fashion Week season. You’re reuniting with classmates, seeing peers for the first time in months, and oftentimes, meeting new people. The clothes you wear says a lot about your personality, and even sets the tone for the school year you’re going to have, so it’s time to hit the racks for a bit of Back to School shopping.

This season, it’s all about the mix and match. Take a risk and try things that may not traditionally be worn together. Mix patterns, play with prints and colors, and try new shapes. The key to making this jumble-fashion statement work is making sure your outfit is focused on a trend or two. Bomber jackets, slides, patches, mini purses, long t-shirts, and unfinished hems are some of the hottest trends to look out for this fall. And there are others — how will you make these trends your own?

Girls: It’s in the proportions

Being too-cool-for-school never stopped being…well, cool. Achieve this look by draping an oversized letterman sweater or a bomber jacket over your sun dress or skinny jeans. Thrift stores are awesome places to find these unique pieces for cheap, or you can go to any shopping center where the mannequins and aisles are littered with these jackets of every size and color.

When you’re looking to invest in a jacket, make sure you don’t go too big, so as not to lose yourself in the fabric. Go for something that is puffy and hits right below the waist, or something that is long-line and hits below the bum. Interesting proportions are what make an outfit stand out from a crowd. It proves that you’re not scared to take fashion risks!


Back to School Style for Teens: Photo Credit | Back to School Style for Teens: Photo Credit | River Island topNine West shoes | Topshop skirt | Kmart cardigan | Topshop bomber | Forever 21 red crossbody | Ted Baker blue bag | ASOS earrings | Gipsy socks | Tommy Hilfiger backpack

Guys: Switch up the hemlines

Along the same guidelines that we just suggested for the girls, hemlines are going to be your new best friend. A long t-shirt is going to really pack an extra punch to your first day of school outfit. When you’re looking for long t-shirts, make sure you’re not just shopping up a size or two. You’re going to end up looking just like that then – like you’re wearing a shirt two sizes too big.

Long-line tees are popular in mens’ fashion, and have been spotted all over runways and street style pics as of late. To set off this trend even more, pair your new tee with a cropped jean or chino. A little ankle is going to make you look taller, as well as more fashion forward. This is a look you can dress up with oxford shoes, or dress down with your new Nikes. Simple, easy going, but still impressive – just the kind of impression you want to make upon returning to the classroom.


Back to School Style for Teens: Photo Credit | H&M NYC t-shirt | H&M gray t-shirt | Topman chinos | American Eagle cropped jeans | Vision Street metallic slides | Adidas mesh slidesTommy Hilfiger backpack | Espirit messenger bag | Lacoste sunglasses

We understand that creating this personal style can be difficult. Your style will change over time, but dressing for now and feeling comfortable in what you wear should be your priority. So whether you’re interested in rainbow-bright shoes, have a slight obsession for retro-inspired outerwear, or live in your cropped jeans, our stylists are here to help you with your Back to School Style.

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